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About Us

K&D is Dedicated to You and your Truck!


The concept of K&D was originally designed by Dave Wellings. He realized that he could keep his trucks running longer, reduce his downtime  and ultimately keep his costs down by simply parting out his more experienced trucks.  His entrepreneurial personality told him that he could turn this idea into a viable option for all truck drivers and truck dealers in the area. In 1976 he teamed up with Ken Johnson, a mechanic by trade, and took a handful of trucks, an aging wooden shop and a desire to hunt for deals and turned it into K&D Truck Parts.

Let me tell you that dog could hunt.

After a successful run of buying and parting trucks, it was decided to add the ability to take on truck repair as well. The years would see triumphs and hard times throughout the entire industry, however K&D would always find a way to get by. It was always said that when the industry was strong K&D could rely on service to carry the load and when times were tight used parts would always be a popular option to save a few bucks. Dave's drive and determination would see him take on other business ventures which meant he could not always give K&D the attention it deserved.

In 2006 Kirk Allan returned to his roots and rejoined the K&D team. Kirk started out as a mechanic for Dave at a young age, in fact some say he was born there. While he enjoyed his time working for Dave, he left to gain experience and finish his education. When he did return however, he returned as a Journeyman Technician with more than just an urge to turn wrenches. Kirk could see the potential that Dave once saw and he took on the business of growing K&D.

That dog could hunt as well.

With fresh ideas and youth on his side he was ready to make his mark. Kirk's changes to K&D laid the ground work for what was to come but he was originally met with resistance.  He tried the good cop, bad cop routine however quickly realized he couldn't play both roles.

In 2009 Kirk invited long time colleague Nathan Klyne to help him change the world. Kirk and Nathan had known each other for years, but it wasn't until they worked together at a local dealer that they really hit it off. Nathan as a Journeyman Partsperson and Kirk as a Journeyman Technician made the perfect team. 

In 2010 Dave invited the two to buy portions of the company as partners. The company began to grow and 1 year later Kirk and Nathan made an offer to buy the remainder of the shares from Dave. Although Dave accepted the offer he remains a mentor to both and is never to far away.

K&D's success has always been due to and always will be because of its loyal employees. Emile Laronge who for more than twenty years broke his back working to keep customer trucks on the road. Chad Horack who has spent the last several years making sure the bills and the employees are paid. Paul Hutfloetz and Cameron Smith who have been loyal, hardworking employees for the last decade. Eric Leech, Mark Hetterley, Zach Shrader, Steve Turgeon and Hunter Meier who have been great additions to our service team as well as Tyler Stewart who has become our go to guy in used parts. Mark Wright who brings to us his wealth of parts knowledge. Mike Klyne who is our right hand man  running the equipment and maintaining the yard. And Connor Klyne who helps out wherever we need  and whenever he is not in school. Not only are these guys hard working but also a pleasure to be around everyday. We really appreciate the friendships we have created  

Above all, we thank all of you who walk through our doors everyday. Who allow us the opportunity to work for you and with you. Those of you who have trusted us for years and those of you that we are just getting to know. We appreciate your friendship as well as your business.




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